Cape Kamenjak BOAT tour

Join us on a boat tour and experience all the beauty of the protected Kamenjak landscape!

€ 60
per person

Cape Kamenjak boat tour


Join us on a boat tour and experience all the beauty of the protected Kamenjak landscape and Medulin arhipelago! 

Enjoy the thrilling ride on a speed boat with views of the islands and rocky coastline. On this trip, you'll visit the very best of south Istria! You'll explore six uninhabited islands, a charming lighthouse, and even two sea caves with turquoise water. If you're seeking an adrenaline rush, you will have the opportunity of jumping from the 6 meters high cliffs!

In a sea cave, you'll swim under the mesmerizing rays of sunshine that are peeking through the cave opening above. To enhance your experience, we'll snorkel and shoot some underwater photos! 

Next, we're going to the ''dinosaur island'' of Fenoliga - the largest site of fossilized dinosaur footprints in the Meditteranean. This island is a favorite for both kids and adults. 

An underwater sea scooter is available for an additional fee. The scooter allows you to dive side by side with the fishes and explore the diverse sea bottom! 

From discovering numerous hidden bays and untouched nature of the islands to the lighthouse sightseeing and snorkeling in the sea cave – this boat tour is full of adventures! 

The maximum number of participants of this tour is six. If you'd like to book a private tour, the maximum number is eight.

Duration: 2 hours

Min. number of partecipants : 2

Max number of participants : 6 ( 8 if its a private group)


  • 6 m speed boat ride, reaching the max. speed of 30 mph
  • snorkeling equipment
  • GoPro tour photos
  • fruit and bottled water
  • neoprene swimsuit in colder months 
  • life vests


What to bring on the trip:

  • sun protection (a hat, SPF cream, long sleeve shirt)
  • bathing suit and a beach towel  

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