• Lissa de Gouw, 06.08.2019

    Dear Ivona and Doris, We really liked the kayak tour! Especially you as guides made me comfotable to do things like diving under the rock, which I first thought i do not dare to do. You cared good for us with the food and the water and the breaks. And also your patience when you had to wait for our kayak to keep up with the group. The cave was really beautiful. I liked the light from the sun shining into it and the little fish I saw. The water was really cold, but I could rest on a rock afterwards. And cool that you made photos! It was a great adventure and premanture is really nice. Afterwards we did still swim in the sea until seven o clock. Oja and also the taxidriver Lovro arranged was a good taxi driver. I was afraid of taxi drivers because the can scam you, but this one was very trustworty and dediceaded to his job. He tells us a lot about premantura and croatia.\ Kind regards, Lissa and Eveliep

  • Cammy Johnson, 05.08.2019

    Both instructors were incredible and so nice, would absolutely recommend to a friend coming to croatia!! I felt safe and had a blast in the hands of the instructors. It was the best experience i’ve ever had abroad!!

  • Peter, 02.08.2019

    Great tour, swimming in cave was very cool! Very professional tour guide. Padelling is absolutely doable also for beginners. Highly recommenable

  • J.P. E, 02.08.2019

    We as a family, 2 adults and 2 kids (age 10 and 13), really enjoyed this kayak trip. We experienced excellent weather, the two guides were good and visiting the cave was awesome. The kayaking (2x +/- 1 hour) is doable for adults in a boat with a younger kid even if the kids don't put too much effort in paddling... Hence we really recommend this trip.

  • Michael Mols, 27.07.2019

    Yesterday we had a cave exploring kayak experience with snorkeling. What we admired the most next to the beautiful scenery was the knowledge and guidance of Lovre and Igor. Lovre made us feel at home and at ease. From crashing the water by kayak, to walking on the cliffs, snorkeling in the water and stopping for some drinks at the safari bar. For us it was a beautiful experience and we would’nt change anything about it. Please keep it up and let Kamenjak show it’s natural beauty and Istrian magic on more people to come. Thank you Lovre, Igor and Istrakayak

  • Silke Scholz, 24.07.2019

    THANK YOU for the nice trip. The long time in the cave and the relaxed time afterwards, before we gone to have a view to the little cave, was a great expierence for me. It's a good idea to change the canues with previous group, so the stay there is very pleasant in spite of the many people in the high season. The friendly and affectionate nature of you guides is so nice, in short a wonderful trip!

  • Maria, 23.07.2019

    Great and very well guided experience, the team made us feel safe despite difficult waves! We had a lot of fun, a huge thanks to the team for teaching us the basics of kayaking and showing us the caves of RT kamenjak!!!!

  • Giuseppe Treccarichi, 21.07.2019

    Esperienza unica ed indimenticabile! Ci siamo prenotati un giorno per l'altro, il gestore Lovro è una persona gentilissima e disponibile, parla fluentemente molte lingue compreso l'italiano. Lui e il suo team sono molto professionali e seguono affiancandoti durante tutto il tour, anche chi non è proprio pratico di kayak (come nel nostro caso:)) il tour parte dalla spiaggia accanto al bar skoljic a premantura, ma è facilmente individuabile dalle indicazioni stradali presenti sulla via di accesso del parco. In altro modo è facilmente ricercabile su gmaps inserendo windsurf station o istrakayak premantura. L'esperienza inizia con un pacchetto escursione formato da bottiglia d'acqua banana, sacca impermeabile, maschera e custodia impermeabile per smartphone, al rientro anguria. Le coppie ricevono un kayak tandem, ma potere andare anche da soli Si procede pagaiando costeggiando la costa fino alle grotte. Per accedere alle grotte si scende dal kayak si indossa la maschera e si passa da un passaggio semi immerso lungo circa 1,5m abbastanza facile da passare, comunque Lovro e il suo team sono pronti ad aiutare i più imbranati. L'interno delle grotte è meraviglioso molto suggestivo. I momenti di esplorazione vengono immortalati con un serie di fotografie che poi inviano via e-mail La permanenza totale presso le grotte è di circa 30-40 minuti, dipende dall'affluenza delle persone. Non è possibile visitare la grotta se non passando via mare. Dopo il giro in grotta si rimonta sul kayak e si pagaia fino al punto panoramico di premantura ( safari bar) dove si vedono le scogliere da cui i bagnanti si tuffano. Da li si riprende la via del ritorno. Il tour ha una durata di 3:00 circa. Per noi l'esperienza è valsa sicuramente la spesa. Torneremo al windsurf station di premantura per fare l'escursione sunset al tramonto. Giro utile per darsi un idea della costa sud appena arrivati, oltre a fare un esperienza sul kayak.

  • Josh and Martin, 19.07.2019

    This experience was a must-do on the Pula/Croatia list. It was a well-balanced adventure - as long as you've got a passing amount of fitness and you're happy to give things a go, you won't be disappointed! Josh's personal highlight - definitely cliff jumping! Martin's personal highlight - underwater cave swimming spectacular! Listen to everything they say, ask questions and be friendly - it's worth at least three times as much as it costs :)

  • Melanie & Marco, 19.07.2019

    Das Erlebnis war super und würden wir jedem weiterempfehlen. Die Kommunikation lief einwandfrei. Wir wurden bei unserem Airbnb zur vereinbarten Zeit pünktlich mit dem Auto abgeholt. Die Tour mit dem Kajak war zwar etwas andtrengend aber wirklich sehr schön. Lovro hat uns gut instruiert und begleitet. Das Schwimmen in den Höhlen war toll und ein unvergessliches Erlebnis. Zusätzlich haben wir etwas über die Umgebung erfahren. Es war durchgehend spürbar, dass Lovro Freude an seiner Tätigkeit hat und konnte die Teilnehmer mit seiner Begeisterung anstecken. Danke!