• Mikkel, 18.07.2019

    Very nice kayak trip with very friendly guides. The guides takes pictures along the trip, so you do not need to bring your camera. Would recommend,

  • Annette, 18.07.2019

    This was an advetior, amazing and so professional by the crue. An really awesome day tour with magic blue coulors of sun and water in the caves.

  • Erik Larsson, 18.07.2019

    We are satisfied with our trip and you are very good guides. The trip was more experience than we expected.

  • Bettina, 18.07.2019

    Ist was a Great experience and absolutely Perfect. thank you Lovro for the tour, it was amazing!

  • De Smet nancy, 18.07.2019

    It took some time to leave and the kayaking was a bit too fast for me. Very friendly staff.

  • Olga and Dennis, 18.07.2019

    It was a great kayak tour with the best and friendliest people who communicate extremely well, and even provided a ride back to Pula! However we thought that there would be more caves to see than the one magnificent attraction . . . Of course it isn't the company's fault that there are so many tourists, thus making our entrance not possible, but critical feedback is important and hopefully useful. A great, beautiful and really fun experience with very friendly and helpful people.

  • Cathy, 18.07.2019

    Great day 😁 really enjoyed kayaking and swimming in the caves and the instructors where really helpful

  • Emily, 18.07.2019

    Great tour, with 2 good guides. We even got a lift from our apartment which was very convenient

  • Danique, 18.07.2019

    We had a great time yesterday. Especially inside the cave was so beautiful. Thanks for the wonderful experience.

  • Andrea, 17.07.2019

    Highly recommendable experience! The guides were great :) Thanks for the patience and the good vibes!