• Adrian, 24.07.2019

    Awesome tour with a great experience at the cage and cliffjumping spot! The guides made a great job, have been super friendly and the equipment was great - everything perfect, even the shuttle from and to Pula! Thanks!

  • Sarah Fu, 24.07.2019

    It was a nice tour. They picked us up from our place and brought us back to the entrance. The guides were very kind and all very helpful. Definetely worth the money.

  • Olivia, 24.07.2019

    So amazing! I had a fantastic time, and the guides were super nice and helpful! Would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who asks!

  • Olivia Brennan, 24.07.2019

    We had a great afternoon kayaking and exploring the caves! Thanks Lovro and team for an excellent experience.

  • Dorota, 24.07.2019

    Very friedy and helpful team (even for someone who can't find way to the kayak cetre,shame ). nice excursion, many imprssions, many thanks :)

  • Giuseppe, 24.07.2019

    Was a very fun tour. Liked especially the caves and the snorkelling. Recommended to all kayak beginners, who want to experience the Kamenyak National Park from the water.

  • Galina De Wette, 24.07.2019

    It was a great experience and everything was explained very good. It was a fun activity!

  • Katharina, 24.07.2019

    Thank your for this Adventure! We enjoyed it a lot and I highly appreciated your efforts on making it pleasent for my friend who gets a Baby! I also want to point out that it could be a Little less stressful … taking photos, snorkling, Going there, Swimming in here … It was very crowdy so this way to do it was Maybe needed. in my case it would be even nicer to be more chilly :)

  • Jessica Panke Wagner, 24.07.2019

    Great trip with experienced guides, for adults and big kids. The trip is very scenic and the caves are beautiful.

  • Benny Verstappen, 24.07.2019

    We had a wonderful day on the see and in the cave with excellent guides, especially "Broccoli". We will certainly recommend this trip to our friends who also visit Croatia.