• Sarah & Paul, 25.07.2019

    Highlight of our holiday! Thank you for this! It was such a nice tour with this guys.

  • Britta, 25.07.2019

    Es war ein sehr tolles Erlebnis. Vor allem das Tauchen in der Höhle hat viel Spaß gemacht. Vielen Dank. Wir empfehlen euch gern weiter.

  • Josha, 25.07.2019

    Nice trip and lovely staff! You have a low and high jump so good for everybody!

  • Jan, 25.07.2019

    Hallo, het was heel mooi en leuk en het was erg gezellig. Super tof, echt een aanrader. Groeten

  • Kira, 25.07.2019

    The Trip was very nice especially the cliff jumping. Our guides were very friendly and explained everything well. We had a nice day.

  • Zenzi, 25.07.2019

    Very nice, lovely view and create people. Lovely nature, create guide Something for your bucketlist.

  • Kat, 25.07.2019

    We absolutely LOVED this kayaking trip! We got to see some really cool things and loved the guides!

  • Stijn & Lisa, 25.07.2019

    Beautifull trip, we enjoyed it verry much. Friendly and motivated people. They showed us a lot of special places in Premantura.

  • Jesper, 25.07.2019

    Too expensive in my opinion and poor coordination of the kayak trip. A lack of information before and at the end of the trip. It was hard to hear what the guide said on the water and he even startet speaking even though everyone were not there.

  • Peter Clausen, 25.07.2019

    Fantastic experience. and the guides were very nice and helpful. The tour was moderated, but the padding was a little hard.