• Emmy Harries, 02.09.2019

    I loved the tour! Very friendly guides and amazing caves! A good workout as well

  • Thomas, 02.09.2019

    Great tour with good guides, recommended. Nice dive in the cave and swimming in the bay.

  • John Xie, 02.09.2019

    Lovro was a great guide. In addition to giving a great  kayak tour, they arranged pickup from Pula town and gave me local recommendations. Would highly recommend to anyone!

  • Caterina Mazzeo, 02.09.2019

    First time at Kamenjak in Kayak ! What a wonderful kayak experience! Lovro, the guide, was an excellent guide and a very kind person!

  • Sarah, 01.09.2019

    We really enjoyed the  kayak trip. The guide were really nice and we were impressed by their language abilities.

  • Felix, 01.09.2019

    I really liked your kayak tour . The short introduction to the kayak and to the Kamenjak nature protected park was perfect. You did a great job as guide.

  • Ian Ainscough, 01.09.2019

    It was brilliant so atmospheric, very happy. Guides were informative and enjoyable to be around

  • florian burgert, 31.08.2019

    done a few weeks agow done a few weeks agowdone a few weeks agowdone a few weeks agowdone a few weeks agowdone a few weeks agow

  • Leila, 30.08.2019

    Ottime guide e molto pazienti, ci hanno aiutato molto! Considerato che ci siamo ribaltati con i kayak ci hanno aiutato a risalire e a ripartire! Ci vuole molta forza di volontà se non si è allenati per il mare aperto le onde non scherzano!! Esperienza meravigliosa!

  • Maarten Verhoeven, 30.08.2019

    Het was een hele mooie trip. Hele enthousiaste begeleiding en veel mooie dingen gezien!