• Brizkova, 10.09.2019

    Great experience. Negatives: long distance to the cave, overcrowded which meant short time inside the cave.

  • Kerri, 10.09.2019

    We loved the kayaking adventure and tour! The guide was very knowledgeable about the area and was able to accommodate us for a last minute booking. We were so happy we took the tour!

  • Uwe Ney, 08.09.2019

    Nice Trip with good Equipment, enougt food and Drinks and a good Guide to a lovely Location.

  • Clara Schluge, 08.09.2019

    It was a really interesting experience for us. The kajaking was interesting and the holes were beautiful.

  • Moya Van der Hoeven, 07.09.2019

    Very nice experience, great instructors who make you feel comfortable at any time. Would recommend!

  • George Charnley, 07.09.2019

    Lovro was a fantastic guide, I felt cared for and safe at every point. The group was small, the equipment was top notch. Thanks for everything.

  • Annette & Peter, 07.09.2019

    It was a very nice trip to the caves, we had a nice day and enjoyed it.

  • Sadie, 06.09.2019

    Beautiful experience on the Adriatic Sea. Guides were knowledgeable about the area and very helpful and friendly. Would definitely recommend. Great for any level of experience.

  • Valentina, 06.09.2019

    It was awesome!! The guides were very patient and explained everything very well. The sea was wonderful, the cave was beautiful and jumping from the cliff  was something I never did before so pretty powerful as experience!!

  • Jessie, 06.09.2019

    Perfect 3 hour kayak outing! Beautiful bays, plenty of chance to get some exercise in (if you want! You can go slow if you prefer!), then over an hour exploring a unique underwater cave with an experienced guide! Sunning, people watching, and eating a snack on the rocks. Highly recommend!