• Antonia, 17.09.2019

    The Tour was great, I enjoyed it a lot. We saw a lot While snorkeling. Thanks

  • Julia Friedrich, 17.09.2019

    I‘m sorry that we were late:( It was a very nice tour thank you for everything

  • Peter Chronowic, 17.09.2019

    Wonderful trip, loved snorkeling into the cave, the team were very knowledgeable and helpful... highly recommend this trip

  • Alex, 17.09.2019

    Had a great day! The cave was beautiful and stuff really friendly and very helpful

  • Seppi, 17.09.2019

    Very nice kayak tour with an awesome guide. Beginner friendly. Enjoyed the cliff jumping and the diving around the cliffs.

  • christine Kaul, 17.09.2019

    Hi it was a lot of fun to kayak with you the team is very nice and the tour arround Kamenjak is beautiful you can see a lot of the coast and can enjoy the area relaxed .. very good are the helpful tips from the totally helpful guides

  • Mariella Gschaider, 17.09.2019

    It was a pretty cool kaya tour and i highly recommend it. The paddeling is a little bit exhausting but doable even if you are not that sporty. But diving in the cave is absolutely worth it. The hosts are really friendly and know what they are doing.

  • Alison, 16.09.2019

    Great adventure and excellent guides who know the area and how to support you. Great professionals.

  • Gavin Marshall, 16.09.2019

    Very fun tour with a good guide who was happy to answer questions. Kayaking can be a bit tiring as it is a fairly long journey to the caves.

  • Elias, 15.09.2019

    Really Entertaining trip, especially friendly hosts, but the caves and the route were not that outstanding. Nonetheless I recommend the tour.