I’ve never been on a kayak before, can I still join the tour? Will I be able to keep pace with others? Which of your kayak tours are suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Our kayak tours do not require previous kayaking experience, therefore they are suitable for beginners. In the description of each kayak tour,  you’ll find difficulty level ranging from easy to medium. Our paddling pace depends on the group, but we’re never rushing or leaving anyone behind.

Is entering the cave dangerous?

The cave is safe for everyone who knows how to swim. We’ve even had attendees with mild claustrophobia and other fears entering the cave with the help and guidance of our guides. If you have anxiety or fear of entering the cave, let us know beforehand and we’ll take an additional guide if needed. 

What if I get too tired to paddle back during the kayak tour?

This rarely happens, but if it does, one of the guides will tie your kayak to theirs on the way back. 

Do you use single or tandem kayaks on guided tours?

We mostly use two-person kayaks as they are much faster, spacious and easier for most attendees. If you are going on the tour by yourself, we’ll either pair you with someone in a tandem kayak, or you’ll be given a single kayak. Because we have a limited amount of single kayaks, let us know when booking the tour if you want one. 

Do we enter the cave with a kayak?

Entering the big cave with a kayak is not possible, so before entering, we leave the kayaks in front of the cave and we swim 30 meters to the cave entrance where we simply swim into the cave. The smaller cave we do enter with our kayaks, however, during the high season(20.07. - 20.08.) that is often not possible due to the crowds, so we pass by it and kayak along the little cliffs and beautiful east coastline instead.  

Will our group be the only one in the cave?

We cannot guarantee that we’ll be alone in the cave as it’s very popular, especially during the high season. Our kayak groups are usually among the first ones to arrive, if there’s another group inside when we arrive, we simply wait for them to exit the cave. For a greater chance of being the only ones in the cave, book your tour in the period from May-July or end of August-October. 

Can I go to the cave by myself, without booking a guided tour?

If you are familiar with kayaking and want to go explore Kamenjak area by yourself, you can rent a kayak. We’ll provide you with info on where to go and time it’ll take to get to popular places. However, the spot where you can leave your kayak in order to enter the cave is limited and mostly occupied by guided kayaking groups. Furthermore, mounting a kayak on a sharp rock surface in search for a place to leave it near the cave causes damage which we have to charge. For that reason, we recommend booking the guided tour if you are not familiar with the area or if you’re a beginner. 

Do I have to jump to enter the water? How high are the cliffs from which we can jump?

If you’re feeling adventurous, during our "Explore the cave by kayak" tour you can experience cliff jumping near the cave. There is no need for jumping to enter the water if you don’t want to. The cliffs height varies from 0 to 10 meters, so you can choose what you feel comfortable with. We recommend jumping from the 5 meter cliffs or lower.

What should I bring?
  • Water shoes - not obligatory, but they come in handy as some of the rocks around the cave can be sharp
  • T-shirt, hat and SPF - to protect you from the sun exposure
  • Neoprene suit - to keep you warm for tours in May and September, if you don’t have your own we’ll provide you with one 
Can I bring my phone with me on the tour?

You’ll be given one dry bag per kayak in which you can put your phone if you want to. We recommend leaving the phone in your kayak while in the cave, as there is not enough light entering the cave to take good phone photos. If you want to take your phone in the cave regardless, you can rent a waterproof phone case. 

Where can I download the photos taken by guides on the tour?

After the kayak excursion, we’ll give you the username and password needed to access the photos. The photos will be available for 30 days after the tour for all of our kayak tour attendees.

What If I get lost on the way to the meeting point or am running late?

If you get lost on the way, call us and we’ll guide you and help you to find the way. If you’re running late, we can wait for you no longer than 5-10 minutes after the tour is scheduled to begin. To avoid this happening, please read the detailed directions we provided and aim to arrive at the meeting point 10-15 minutes before the tour starts.

What if the already booked tour gets cancelled due to bad weather?

If the kayak excursion you reserved gets canceled, we’ll call you as soon as possible and give you a choice of rescheduling the kayak tour (usually one to two days before or after the original date) or receiving a refund. If you booked a tour via some of the agencies you have to send them a refund request which we’ll then approve.

What if bad weather occurs during the tour and we can’t paddle back?

We always check multiple weather forecasts to be on the safe side. We are situated in a particular microclimate area and oftentimes, the forecasts available to you are not highly accurate. Often during the summer time when it’s raining in Pula city at the same time it can be sunny in Kamenjak area , but the numeros weather forecastes do not take in consideration the particularity of this area. Even though it almost never happens, if the bad weather caches us on the tour, we have a rescue boat available that can reach us in less than 10 min. Also, the Kamenjak area consists of many secluded bays where we can seek shelter if needed.