Why you should visit Rt Kamenjak in Croatia?

Why you should visit Rt Kamenjak in Croatia?

Why you should visit Rt Kamenjak in Croatia?

  • 29.03.2019

Cape Kamenjak is situated on the southernmost point of Istria,10km south of Pula city. It's a protected nature reserve and home to many endangered plant species. During the summer season, there's an entrance fee for motor vehicles, while pedestrians and cyclists enter the park free of charge.

The protected area consists of a combination of grasslands and Mediterranean pine forests, which you can explore by biking or walking. Discovering fossilized dinosaur footprints, rich plant species, snorkeling, and swimming are just some of the things you can do. Kamenjak coastline is almost 30km long, consisting of various beaches, bays, sea caves, and cliff jumping spots. You can pick and choose between pebble, sand, or rocky beaches, secluded places, or beach bars with amazing views.

Kamenjak has its own microclimate and many more sunny days than neighboring Pula and Medulin. There's a great chance you can escape the rain in Pula by spending your day in the Kamenjak area.

Some of Kamenjak's beaches are accessible only by boat or kayak, making our kayak tours ideal for exploring the area. Kayaking along the coastline and to the surrounding uninhabited islands is a perfect way to escape the summer crowds. Guided kayak tours are the way to go for everyone wanting to carelessly experience sea cave kayaking and snorkeling, explore the rugged coast and islands. We offer various kayak tours led by certified local guides, suitable for families, friends, couples, and solo travelers.

Our base, Windsurf Station, is situated in the middle of the Kamenjak east coast, which is a perfect starting point for kayaking. Reaching the closest island with a kayak takes only 7 minutes and the furthest 40 minutes. Kayaking to the southernmost point will take you 30 minutes, and reaching the sea cave 40 min.

Our customers can take a full day to explore both the east and the west Kamenjak coast. We'll gladly pick you up on the west coast after you're finished kayaking.

Why do we prefer kayaking over biking?

Kamenjak has many dirt trails which are great for experienced mountain bikers. However, during the dry summer months, there's a lot of dust in the air due to traffic, bothering bikers, and pedestrians. Furthermore, rocky bike trails are not ideal for recreational bikers and families with children.

Kayaking gives you the freedom of exploring every single secluded beach that is otherwise inaccessible. Renting a kayak is a perfect way of escaping the heat and the crowds, choosing your private swimming and snorkeling spot.

Visit Kamenjak this summer and explore its beauty first-hand!