Coronavirus in Croatia: Travel advice and activities update

Coronavirus in Croatia: Travel advice and activities update

Coronavirus in Croatia: Travel advice and activities update

  • 14.05.2020

The covid-19 pandemic has affected all aspects of our lives, especially our travel plans. Croatia has been on lockdown for almost two months. Thankfully, we've successfully managed to control the outbreak and are now preparing for a new normal. 


Is it safe to travel to Croatia this summer? 

The authorities have set up strict precautionary measures on time, resulting in Croatia being one of the safest countries during the pandemic. With the situation getting significantly better each day, we're positive that you'll be able to enjoy Croatia once the borders reopen. The Croatian tourist board regularly updates all of the Covid-19 information on the following link

On a more positive note, our beautiful coastline is getting a much-needed rest. Our travel itineraries will change for a while, and we'll still have to keep a physical distance. However, all travelers choosing to come to Croatia this summer will have the rare opportunity to experience the coast as it once was. That means less noise, less pollution and traffic, no summer crowds, and no packed beaches. It will be the ideal year for purely relaxing and enjoying nature! 


How will our guided kayak excursions change? 

At Istra Kayak, we have always kept our kayak tour groups small. That allowed us to make the experience more personal and to offer the most to our customers. 

This summer, due to safety reasons, we are restricting our groups to a maximum of 10 people. When arriving, our guests will have access to a hand sanitizer and individual cases for their belongings. We will thoroughly disinfect kayaks, paddles, and the seats after each use. Furthermore, we have doubled the number of our kayak paddles. That way, after disinfection, they can be set aside for a couple of hours before the next use. 

Did you know that sea salt has been used throughout history as a natural disinfectant? It couldn't hurt knowing that, even though it's not the drugstore sanitizer, the Adriatic is one of the saltier seas. 

Kidding aside, we are looking forward to this unique summer ahead of us. We are dedicated to making all of our kayaking tours even better than before. Our focus is on bringing you closer to nature and providing a fun experience to remember - this year, the safest as ever! 


Your Istra Kayak team