5 amazing active vacation ideas in Istria

5 amazing active vacation ideas in Istria

5 amazing active vacation ideas in Istria

  • 12.04.2020

Relaxing by the beach all day long on your summer vacation is great, but it can get a bit dull. Lately, more and more travelers around the world are searching for ways to stay active on their holiday, instead of never leaving the resort or that ''one familiar beach''.

If you feel the same way, we've got you covered with a selection of the very best active vacations in Istria, so keep reading!



While vacationing in Istria, Rt Kamenjak must be on your bucket list. It's a beautiful protected nature reserve situated 10km south of Pula city. The best way to explore and see all that it has to offer is by kayaking along its coast. Kayaking will for sure keep you active, plus you'll see beautiful places you wouldn't be able to otherwise. Island hopping, sea cave exploring, snorkeling along with sea life are all the things you can experience with kayaking in Cape Kamenjak! We offer various kayaking tours in Kamenjak/Premantura area, taking you to the most epic spots. If you feel confident, you can go and adventure on your own by renting a kayak as well.



What if instead of coming home from your vacation in Croatia with just a souvenir or a fridge magnet to remember it by, you come back with your very own windsurfing license? Rt Kamenjak is one of the few places near Pula, where the summer wind is ideal for learning how to windsurf. It's a great physical exercise, as it keeps your whole body engaged while keeping the sail up and finding your balance. You'll have lots of fun while learning how to surf, and we're positive you won't regret giving it a shot! At Windsurf Station Premantura, we're teaching beginner to intermediate windsurfing courses. After a finished course, you'll be able to rent a windsurf and enjoy it to the fullest!  



Walking and hiking are amazing activities we suggest putting on your Istria itinerary. Istria is full of natural beauties and hidden gems on its marked hiking trails. Going on a hike or even a light walk will keep your heart rate up, and it's a great way of staying out of the summer crowds. Some of our favorite trails are:

  • Rt Kamenjak; ideal for a light spring or early fall walk by the coast
  • Seven waterfalls hike; situated in the north of Istria
  • The educational trail in Ucka park of nature with its breathtaking views of the Istrian peninsula and the islands
  • Parenzana hiking trail; historical trail with amazing views of the vineyards and Istrian valleys

Whichever you choose to take, you'll leave with unforgettable memories! You can also find some great ideas on where to go, given to you by Istria locals over at IstriaGo



Istria is becoming quite a popular biking destination, counting almost 2,700 kilometers of bike trails in total. You can reach some of the best Istria viewpoints while riding a bike. Depending on your goals, you can pick and choose between family-friendly recreational routes or some more demanding, adventurous trails. Istrian cycling trails are divided into easy, moderately demanding, and very demanding categories. The surfaces change from dirt road to macadam and asphalt. All of the bike trails are properly marked and regularly maintained, extending over a length from 10 to 125 km, with an altitude difference of up to 1600 meters. 

You won't go wrong with whichever route you choose, but our favorite, and by far most popular is the Parenzana trail, ideal for mountain biking through stunning scenery. Istrian bike trails will take you anywhere from beautiful forests, hidden streams, and ancient ruins to the famous cellars and local guesthouses. All of them are beautifully interlinked by more than 500 km of bike trails. 

For all of you eager to explore Istria on a bike, you can easily rent bikes of all sizes and pick between various models over at Rental Center. 



Adriatic sea is well known for its biodiversity and crystal clear water, so it would be a shame to visit without exploring its beauty. We highly recommend buying or renting some quality snorkeling gear, so you don't miss out! Our top snorkeling spots in Istria include Rt Kamenjak, Fraskeric island, and Seagull's rocks near Pula. As for diving, there are a lot of beginner-friendly diving schools, amazing shipwrecks, and reefs to explore. Whichever you choose, you can't go wrong!